Do you know just how powerfully your thoughts influence your mood and behaviour?

For example, let us suppose there is a person who has a core belief that change is a bad thing.

More than once in their life they have been eye-witness to the negative side of change.

They have seen their dad lose his job, their mum get cancer, and the entire family struggle as a result.

Now an adult, this person is convinced change is bad. And because of this core belief, they expect to fight change whenever it happens.

So when their status quo is disrupted by change (regardless if that change is positive or not) the first thought likely to pop into their mind is: ‘No change!’

And from this automatic thought, one consequence is as follows:

Physiologically: they begin to experience symptoms ranging from nausea, a rapid heart rate, poor concentration, palpitations, stiff neck, and/or clenched fists as they go into battle.

And while in fight-mode, they are more likely to be argumentative and embroiled in conflict. They could also become glum, sullen, or gossip more.

Emotionally: their levels of stress are way too high as they experience feelings of anxiousness and fear.

In summary: how a person perceives a situation influences their thoughts which, in turn, affects how they feel and how they will behave.

So let me leave you with another thought: is life really as absolute as all good, or all bad?

Does not a storm also have its brilliant rainbow as a promise of better times ahead?

Copyright uncapIdeas 2016


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