Enough Already!

Faster, smarter, wealthier, and trendier: every day and in every way.

Yet again I am reading another article on how people like me can be ‘superhuman’.

What’s wrong with me being just a human?

True: I have my idiosyncratic ways, but every day and in every way, I try my best to be my best.

Sometimes I succeed; at other times, not so much.

But the thought that I must be ‘superhuman’ before I fulfil someone’s unrealistic expectations of perfection is more pressure than I am willing to bear.

Recently, I also read an article about children with mental health challenges:

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Fear: The Dark Side

To be fair to fear it does, at times, attract undue criticism.

Sometimes fear is portrayed as some kind of monster, or it is presented as something to be ignored and/or avoided at all times.

But to do so is short-sighted. And flawed.

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