The Test

What are your views on innovation?

Do you believe innovation is something best left to the technologically-minded?

Or, do you believe innovation is more ubiquitous: whenever and wherever there exists the need, ideas will spontaneously spring to mind in the attempt to satisfy that need.

And once an idea forms in the mind’s eye: how do you know if it is feasible?

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The seed of possibility is just the first step to realizing an idea.

If reality has a way of testing even the toughest person’s resilience, then just imagine how fragile the beginnings of a concept must be.

From the relative security of the mind’s eye: an idea must survive on its own, independent of its creator.

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Some of My Favourite Things

And the lyrics go: ‘…these are some of my favorite things…’ *

Perhaps, for you, your favourite things consist of no more than a handful of items: a pair of jeans, lucky t-shirt, divine pair of shoes, comfy sloppy Joe, or a piece of jewellery given to you by someone you love.

Maybe, collecting is more your style: anything from vintage clothing, stamps, dolls, and teddy bears to antiques, or artwork. Read more