So Not True!

Never mind me being a female: I confess to being unable to multitask. I most definitely do not like to start something, stop, start something else, stop, rush onto yet another activity, stop; then, go back to original activity all the while trying to remember where I left off and what needs to be done…

But What If…?

Work with the fear to create a plan you are willing to action.


Ever played the negative version of ‘What ifs’?

Imagine a situation where you need to take action.

Unsure: you hesitate, or procrastinate while you second-guess an outcome from a position of fear.

Typically though, this kind of ‘What if’ thinking presupposes a negative outcome and/or reaction.

Like as not, you may even throw in some catastrophizing for good measure: ‘But what if the plan fails, everyone will think I’m stupid.’

(Really? Even those who do not know you?)

While you may like the sensation of control: life and people are outside your control.

So, be kind to yourself.

Realize words such as ‘failure’, ‘hopeless’, and ‘loser’ can negatively affect emotional well-being and self-esteem.

Realize words heavily laced with negativity are only too keen to rob you of the confidence you need to take action.

So, the next time you are tempted to play a darker shade of ‘What ifs’, consider…

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Enough Already!

Faster, smarter, wealthier, and trendier: every day and in every way. Yet again I am reading another article on how people like me can be ‘superhuman’. What’s wrong with me being just a human? True: I have my idiosyncratic ways, but every day and in every way, I try my best to be my best.…


Friendliness, generosity, and being considerate is not just for the benefit of other folk. Extending the spirit of kindness to yourself can work wonders for your self-esteem and confidence. Let not your inner critical voice stop you from thinking friendly thoughts about who you are and what you do. Remember: no one is perfect. People…