Enough Already!

Faster, smarter, wealthier, and trendier: every day and in every way.

Yet again I am reading another article on how people like me can be ‘superhuman’.

What’s wrong with me being just a human?

True: I have my idiosyncratic ways, but every day and in every way, I try my best to be my best.

Sometimes I succeed; at other times, not so much.

But the thought that I must be ‘superhuman’ before I fulfil someone’s unrealistic expectations of perfection is more pressure than I am willing to bear.

Recently, I also read an article about children with mental health challenges:

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Friendliness, generosity, and being considerate is not just for the benefit of other folk.

Extending the spirit of kindness to yourself can work wonders for your self-esteem and confidence.

Let not your inner critical voice stop you from thinking friendly thoughts about who you are and what you do.

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If Only

Once upon a time, but too long ago, there was a girl.

Well, not really a girl.

In her early teens, she was no longer a child squishing mud in-between her toes and fingers after storm clouds had dumped soaking rain over the large backyard of the family home. Nor, after bath time did she hug her favourite teddy bear.

But then again, she was not quite yet grown up either.

An awkward in-betweener, she tried to work out her place in the world. Listening to her peers at school and their ever growing list of how things should be, the girl just sighed. To her, their ‘rules’ seemed elusive and out of reach.

Still, that did not stop the girl, on occasion, from becoming wistful.

One such time was on a Sunday morning. With the bright sunny day shining through the bathroom windows she looked at her image reflected from the bathroom mirror and said:

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