Imagine, if you will, finishing your day in the usual way. You go to bed in the usual way, but overnight, while you sleep, a miracle happens.

The following morning you awake refreshed and feeling oh so very good. And that feeling stays with you all day.

Yes, you read the words correctly.

‘As if that’s ever going to happen!’ I hear you say.

Bear with me as I explain.

Overnight, while you slept, a miracle happened. It is the following morning and you are feeling reinvigorated and eager to greet the day. As a matter of fact, you spend the entire day not bothered by other people’s behaviour.

Now, describe how this miracle day of yours would look like: what are you doing differently? Where are you? How are you dressed? Who else is with you? How would they describe your behaviour? What else is different?

Keep that image forefront of mind as you sift through your memories.

Take your time, there is no rush.

Identify those times when you felt good, laughed aloud, enjoyed an experience, or when the everyday seemed a little less stressful than usual.

Select one of those positive memories. Peer in for a closer look. What are the differences compared to your usual day? What are the similarities to your miracle day?

Select another two positive memories. Compare these two with the first positive memory: can you detect a pattern of behaviour that differs from how you typically think, feel, and behave?

These positive memories are exceptions to the usual daily strife. They provide clues and insights into what you need to change to realize more and more of your miracle day.

Copyright uncapIdeas 2017


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