Picture it: you want to realize a goal.

You want to be standing victorious atop the summit of completion, but from where you stand (at the base of the mountain) it looks like a mighty tough climb to reach that summit.

If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated about your lack of progress: stop!


Consider what your best friend, mentor, or someone you admire would do if they were in your situation. How would they go about realizing the goal?

Take action to gain traction.

Ask your best friend, mentor as well as someone you admire what they would do if they were you.

View your situation from their perspective.

(None of us view the world in identical ways. Even the world view of twins can differ. Indeed: ‘no two people’s brains store the same information in the same way in the same place’. [Brain Rules. Medina, John. 2014. Pear Press.] )

The more you are able view your situation from multiple perspectives; the more likely you are to identify alternative ways of progressing your project.

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