Let’s Get Real (about Public Speaking)

Who loves to speak in front of an audience? Possibly politicians do. And children too. Not so sure about anyone else though. I suspect the reluctance to speak in front of an audience is due to fear. You may even be familiar with a few types of fear. There is the fear of ridicule, the…


But What If…?

Work with the fear to create a plan you are willing to action.


Ever played the negative version of ‘What ifs’?

Imagine a situation where you need to take action.

Unsure: you hesitate, or procrastinate while you second-guess an outcome from a position of fear.

Typically though, this kind of ‘What if’ thinking presupposes a negative outcome and/or reaction.

Like as not, you may even throw in some catastrophizing for good measure: ‘But what if the plan fails, everyone will think I’m stupid.’

(Really? Even those who do not know you?)

While you may like the sensation of control: life and people are outside your control.

So, be kind to yourself.

Realize words such as ‘failure’, ‘hopeless’, and ‘loser’ can negatively affect emotional well-being and self-esteem.

Realize words heavily laced with negativity are only too keen to rob you of the confidence you need to take action.

So, the next time you are tempted to play a darker shade of ‘What ifs’, consider…

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