Faster, smarter, wealthier, and trendier: every day and in every way.

Yet again I am reading another article on how people like me can be ‘superhuman’.

What’s wrong with me being just a human?

True: I have my idiosyncratic ways, but every day and in every way, I try my best to be my best.

Sometimes I succeed; at other times, not so much.

But the thought that I must be ‘superhuman’ before I fulfil someone’s unrealistic expectations of perfection is more pressure than I am willing to bear.

Recently, I also read an article about children with mental health challenges:

‘One in five children between age nine and seventeen have mental health challenges that impair their daily functioning.’

The Language of Choice and Support
Shevrin, A.
2015. George Lucas Educational.

I do not know about you, but one in five children suffering from mental health challenges is one in five too many.

Is it just possible that this (societal) expectation of perfection is adversely affecting children’s mental well-being?

Enough already!

For the sake of the children: quit it with the ‘all or nothing’ thinking. Anything less than perfection does not equal failure.

The only thing such thinking achieves is to stop people (and children) from living life free from the fear of failure.

So, for the sake of the children: (re)learn to value and appreciate what it is to be human, striving to being and doing one’s best.

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