What are your views on innovation?

Do you believe innovation is something best left to the technologically-minded?

Or, do you believe innovation is more ubiquitous: whenever and wherever there exists the need, ideas will spontaneously spring to mind in the attempt to satisfy that need.

And once an idea forms in the mind’s eye: how do you know if it is feasible?

One way to find out is to use the Six Honest Serving Men method.

I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.
I send them over land and sea,
I send them east and west;
But after they have worked for me,
I give them all a rest.
Rudyard Kipling

So, applying Kipling’s Six Honest Serving-Men to your (personal or work) situation, the questions you could ask of your idea include:

  • What purpose would you serve?
  • Why should I allocate resources to make you a reality?
  • When, where, and how would you function?
  • How would you enrich people’s lives?
  • Where would you exist?
  • Who else would be interested in sponsoring you?

And if your idea does not live up to your expectations: take comfort from the knowledge that from learning what does not work, you are a step closer to learning what does.

Copyright uncapIdeas 2016


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