And the lyrics go: ‘…these are some of my favorite things…’ *

Perhaps, for you, your favourite things consist of no more than a handful of items: a pair of jeans, lucky t-shirt, divine pair of shoes, comfy sloppy Joe, or a piece of jewellery given to you by someone you love.

Maybe, collecting is more your style: anything from vintage clothing, stamps, dolls, and teddy bears to antiques, or artwork.

Either way, each favourite item answers a deeply personal need.

But so precious are these favourite things that not wanting to wear them out, or run the risk of damaging them, they are sometimes carefully put away, out of harm’s way.

In much the same way then, I have observed people holding off enjoying life.

So busy are they rushing here and there, ticking off their list of must-do this and have to get that; they fail to appreciate the person serving them, their loved ones in-tow, the beautiful weather, or the smiling face of a stranger who extends them the courtesy of opening a door for them.

Is it possible that joy, laughter, or appreciating the lighter moments is perceived by some as not proper, or socially acceptable?

Or, could it be a simple matter of some people thinking: plenty of time for that later.

But who knows what tomorrow brings?

Here then is my plea: find the joy in living NOW!

No more waiting for that perfect moment before giving yourself permission to relax and unwind. And definitely, no more shoving fun to the back of the cupboard, forgotten until too late.

Know that fun is one of the five basic human needs. This is because fun, joy, and laughter are the countermeasures to life’s challenging times.

So, are you going to heed my plea?

Is this day going to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship between you and the lighter side of life?

Copyright uncapIdeas 2016

* Quote is from the song My Favorite Things which is from the musical The Sound of Music by Rogers and Hammerstein


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