There is no doubting the combination of time and human activity is something of a conundrum.

Time is enduring.

Not so, the species Homo-sapiens.

A relative newcomer to the history of the world, the life span of each human is finite. But ever since the dawn of the industrial revolution and the invention of machines, mankind has (generally) pressured itself to hurry – as if in direct competition to time itself.

Why is this so?

Is not the purpose of machines (and technology) to save humans time?

If your daily schedule is too hectic and if you would like to move at a slower, more deliberate pace:

  • Audit your activities: is every single one crucial to your well-being?
  • If an activity is not contributing in a meaningful and productive way to your life: jettison it!
  • Reorganize your weekly schedule to include some fun stuff. After all, one of the five basic human needs is fun.
  • Remember: ‘variety is the spice of life’!

After all, humans (unlike time) are gifted with the cognitive ability to think of creative ways to enjoy life while also earning an income.

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