Are you ever bored?

Has life grown stale with too much familiarity?

Is your daily routine a well-trodden path of sameness with one day looking much like any other?

Do you yearn for something different to happen, but don’t know what?

If the answer to these questions is yes, ask yourself:

When I was younger and life held the promise of so much exciting possibility
who, or what used to make me feel happy and excited for my future?

The purpose of this question is to prompt you to reframe your current situation. Instead of typically viewing your world from the inside looking out, be on the outside looking in as you:

  • Identify three activities that used to make you feel good about yourself.
  • Take action: do that which gives you joy. No more waiting for the perfect moment.
  • Identify three things that wear you out emotionally.
  • Take action: find ways to lessen the emotional wear and tear. Perhaps more rest may help.

Being upbeat, vibrant, and enthusiastic can be a daily battle; especially, in today’s world of clever marketing and advertising where the make-believe world of gorgeous, easy-going, freedom-loving people enjoying life can, at times, contrast so sharply with a perception of the same old daily grind.

But take comfort: even the smallest positive shift in how you perceive your life can have you appreciating your daily efforts from a vista of contentment and joy.

Copyright uncapIdeas 2016


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