To be fair to fear it does, at times, attract undue criticism.

Sometimes fear is portrayed as some kind of monster, or it is presented as something to be ignored and/or avoided at all times.

But to do so is short-sighted. And flawed.

Fear serves a powerfully productive purpose in human survival.

If the hair on the back of the neck is standing on end; if every fibre in your body is telling you to remove yourself from the perceived threat; and if you decide to listen to that gut instinct to seek safety away from imminent danger; then fear is the one to thank for informing your actions.

Fear can be useful as it has an integral role to play within the flight or fight instinctual scenario.

The challenge then for us mere mortals is being able to distinguish between life-threatening situations and when we choose fear as the reason for running away from the contrariness of life, folk, or more importantly: ourselves.

And as we hide away, playing it safe: what we really need is a liberal dose of self-awareness to alert us we are gripping too tightly the delusions of control, certainty, and stability.

More of substance are the realizations: the unknown resides in the future while people and life are unpredictable.

Life is too short before we are a long time dead; best be living fully in spite of the uncertainty, ambiguity, and the unknown.

Copyright uncapIdeas 2016


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